Custom Bows

I started making my own archery gear in the early 1990's. My first bow was a self wood maple bow that started me down a path that has been traveled for 20+ years. Many selfbows, backed bows and glass laminated bows have been made, and each one has taught its lesson. My designs have been pushed and pulled until they reach the level of class and performance that fits just right into my line up. No design will be offered until it has been worked out to be all that it can be. Many hours and many test bows are required for me to be happy with a design, from the classic looks to the top end performance.  

I have spent countless hours working on my craft and I am happy and confident to place my name on the Two Tracks line of custom bows. I use only the best materials and I craft each and every part that goes into my bows. This is how I can ensure that the end result is as good as it can be. I have developed a core of suppliers that can provide me with the best materials for my bows. I will inspect and grade the materials to get the best possible cut of wood grain, always keeping in mind the stongest possible combination for the bows integrity and shootability. I will not settle for good enough, when you get a Two Tracks bow you can rest assured that it is as good as the best. The bows are built in such a way, that the sum of all its parts work together to become a bow that will handle and shoot well, and last for generations to come. Always leaning on the past and working toward the future. If it says Two Tracks, It says Quality.

We are in FULL PRODUCTION and taking orders for the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. Check us out on Facebook for the latest updates!


Happy Shooting