Custom Felted Wool Products

We have been raising our own sheep for many years now. For most of this time we have been using the fine wool that they produce, to make our custom felted wool products. We offer a number or items that range from a can cooler(coozie) to a wool vest that will keep you warm in all weather.

It all begins out back in the barns where we give the sheep the proper care and nutrition they require to grow some of the finest wool available. We then shear the sheep and take the raw fleeces to a Michigan company for cleaning and processing into "Batting". We then bring the batting home and with many more hours of hand labor, turn the batting into a dense material of 100% American wool felt.

Once the material is made we can cut and sew our custom designed patterns for the different products that we offer. All of our wool comes from our farm with the exception of a few fleeces that we obtain from other custom producers that we have purchase agreements with,also from Michigan. We use no stains or dyes. Every different color is another sheep in our pastures. We add NOTHING to our wool,that is what makes it work the way it does.The way it was designed to. Please look through our offerings and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank You, Chuck