Longwalker Longbow

We have spent many hours and days in the shop and in the field working on the design and composition of this bow and trust that you will find the performance and shootability enjoyable at all levels. We have settled on a design that has a deep limb core to better handle the heavy arrows desired for hunting big and small game. The flat trajectory achieved through our limb design will be suited for the heavy hunting arrows as well as a lighter arrow in the field and on the 3D range. The Longwalker is a deflex/reflex longbow that will hold a "D" shape when braced. The bows are made using the finest combination of domestic and exotic hardwoods, and as with all of our laminated bows,a bamboo core as standard. Available in right or left hand, 64"-66" and up to #70 draw weight. Brace height is from 7.25" to 7.75" Prices from: $600.00

Listed Price includes shipping to the lower 48 USA. Other locations are quoted at time of purchase

Longwalker. Right Hand. 64" 45#@30"
This Longwlaker is smooth as silk and shoots with authority. The veneers are a unique Crosscut actionwood. Riser is of Osage and Purpleheart, with a... More