If you have been around the outdoor sporting world long,you have surely heard of the famed "Mora" knife. For those who have not, please allow me to introduce you to the best value in cutting tools.

The Mora knife is known the world over for having the best steel in the blade, to do the job that the blade was designed to do. High-carbon, Stainless High-carbon, and the tri-flex High-carbon steel are all top of the line steels used for knife and blade making. Edge tuffness and ease of sharpening are what set the Morakniv apart from others. While I was looking for a line of knives to add to our product list, I asked my supplier, "why should I choose Mora?" The reply was, "..We are about the steel". In my mind that is what a knife should be about, The steel!

If you need a no-nonsene knife that will far exceed your requirements, Mora is that knife. Find out why the Mora is carried by more survivalist and bushcrafters than any other knife. Durablity,function and value!

Two Tracks is happy to offer MORAKNIV line of knives and I think that once you get a Mora in your hand, you will be happy as well.

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FireKnife Grey and Black.
This is the FireKnife. A joint effort by Light My Fire And Mora. The Blade is a 4" stainless steel with a unique profile grind added to the normal scandi... More

Mora Camp
$22.00   $20.00
This Mora is a simple field/camp knife. 5.75" high carbon Blade. Rubberized over molded grip. Durable plastic pouch type sheath with drain hole and... More

Mora Classic #3
$28.00   $26.00
The Big daddy of the Classic Line. The 6" high Carbon steel blade and the red Birch handle are trademarks of the Mora Classics. This knife will handle... More

Mora Clipper
$17.00   $16.00
This is a really fine Mora knife. The overmolded Rubber grip  allows for a sure hand hold, giving sure control. The sheath has a... More

Mora Robust- Green
$25.00   $22.00
This the same knife as the Mora Robust- Grey. Excellent Knife!!

Mora Robust- Grey
$25.00   $22.00
This is a new model for me, and I am seriously liking what I see. The Robust comes with a snug fitting pouch style sheath, complete with drain hole and... More