The Echo, An American Longbow.

When I was just a boy of about 6 or 7 years old, my parents gave me a yellow Stemmler recurve bow for my birthday. A year or two later I bought my first Longbow at a yard sale for 25 cents. An all wood English Longbow with horn nocks. My life as a bowman was born. It has been a long journey from that first bow in the early 1970's, and the bows in between have been more than a few. The one constant that has never left me is my love of the Longbow. Saxton Pope, Arthur Young and Howard Hill have filled my dreams and inspired my craft, and I am happy to share this part with you.

The Echo has been a project nearly 40 years in the making. With the memories from my youth and the experience of almost 20 years of bow making, I have pursued my craft with a critical eye toward detail and style, striving for perfection in looks and performance. The Echo Longbow is the result of this journey. The Echo takes me back to a time I can only read about. A time when archers wanted to hunt, They knew their equipment well, and more so they knew how to use it. It was perfect in each detail. Made from the best material available, and executed to work to the highest level.

I will keep the bow looking the part of the Classic that it is.The Echo will be offered with the following standard options. Brown fiberglass with Myrtlewood riser and Walnut laminations. Bamboo laminations, white or black glass will be offered as options. The Echo will be built to fit your body size and shooting style. Tillered to perfection and ready to shoot.

A word about Walnut. Over the past 5 or 6 years of bow making, I have used Walnut for laminations in my limbs. I have found the wood to be very stable and to show many traits that make a great limb core. Light weight, strong, quick to recover and quiet. A perfect match for the American Longbow.

The Echo is an American Longbow that will show slight string follow un-braced. The limbs are a heavy inch wide and the riser is 14" long. The grip can be straight, dished or wedged and will have a suede wrap stiched on. Red glass tip wedges are standard and the bow comes with a string made of low stretch modern material. Listen to the Echo, and step back into a wonderful time in American Archery past.

Price is $600.00


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