FlyntStyx: Custom Fire Steel.

This will be the home for our FyntStyx, custom fire Steels.

I have been selling them as fast as I can make them, but i wanted to clear the shop and get ready for the next big batch, So I am offering these "demo units" to you.

They are perfectly usable. Some will have been "struck" a few times, or they are what I made when working on the handle design and they have a cosmetic issue.

Sold "as is"  in good,usable condition.

1/2" x 5" Big Boy!
$45.00   $35.00
In stock
This is the Big Boy of our FlyntStyx line up. 1/2" diameter and nearly FIVE INCHES of sparking surface. handles are various hardwoods. Price INCLUDES a... More

3/8" x 3" FlyntStyx.
$26.00   $20.00
In stock
This bad boy is Great. It has a 3/8"dia X 3"long(usable) Steel. A good strike from the back of your blade will produce a HUGE shower of sparks. Sure to... More